During the program, you'll learn:

How to plan for and implement intermittent fasting into your busy life.

Why carb cycling, when paired with IF, can help you break weight loss plateaus.

How long-term restriction of calories and carboydrates can actually lower your metabolic rate and affect your hormones. I'm going to teach you how eating MORE can improve your results!

What foods to eat, and when to eat them in order to maximize your workouts and improve results. 

What do you receive with your registration?

  • A comprehensive program manual for download
  • Access to me, your personal coach, for the duration of the program
  • A private support group for daily accountability throughout the 3-week program
  • Meal ideas and sample meal plans
  • Bonus workout ideas throughout the program
  • Two LIVE Q and A sessions

$129 $99

Our next round of IF You Carb Cycle begins on February 19th! The last day to get registered is February 17th because you'll have some prep work to do prior to starting. Spots are already filling up and the program will be full quickly. Grab your spot ASAP!

Clients who have already completed a round of the program can enroll at 1/2 off! Please email me at katie@harlancoaching.com for your unique link!

Check out these testimonials from "IF You Carb Cycle":

"I started off on my journey with Katie as something to complete off of a ’40 Before 40’ bucket list. I wanted to look better, feel better, and be as healthy as I can. I joined her Carb Cycling 101 and at the end of the 3-week program I had lost 7 pounds and 2.5 inches. It was amazing and I feel like a different person. I no longer drink soda, and have no desire to, I am conscious about the foods I am putting into my body, and I’m showing my son what a healthier lifestyle looks like. Katie has an amazing gift of making you feel welcomed and worthy to be in her programs and learning from her. She breaks everything down into simple terms that are easy to follow and that don’t overwhelm you. If you’re looking for someone to help you through this process, and hold you accountable, then Katie is the gal you are looking for. She is truly amazing and such a blessing to all those who learn from her."

~Amanda P.

"My name is Phae, I'm 48 years old. I've been working on my health and fitness for nearly a year (this time). I participated in Katie's 3 week ab challenge just before I started her carb cycling class, and saw major changes in my abs. Since I had such significant change, and improvement during the ab challenge, I was worried I wouldn't see any change during the carb cycling...boy was I wrong! The carb cycling really changed things for me! I see more muscle definition and an even smaller waist! She made this program so simple (not easy by any means, but simple) that anyone can follow AND be successful! The key to success is to actually listen to, and follow what she tells you to do! I highly recommend anyone wanting to lose weight and/or gain definition sign up for this program!! And I lost 3.5 pounds and 3 inches!!"

~Phae S.

"In total, I've lost just over 50 pounds since starting with Katie in August 2015, and I lost 3.5 pounds and five inches with Carb Cycling. Carb Cycling was pretty easy for me to adjust to since I was already in the habit of making a meal plan for the whole week - I just had to adjust what I ate each day by the type of day. I thought I'd hate low carb days, but I really came to like them (avocados galore!), and I loved that I was eating different foods each day. Before the program, I had gotten in a rut of eating the same thing every day. Even eating clean and healthy, ruts lead to plateaus, so I was stuck 2.8 pounds away from my goal for weeks. Though all of the programs that I've done with Katie, one thing that stays consistent is her dedication to the group, both through teaching and coaching. I NEED the daily accountability, and I love that I have a little message from Katie from the previous night's check in each morning (yes, she takes the time to do that with everyone). And when I started to freak out about not losing weight, she responded to my messages right away and calmed me down. I'm really, really looking forward to the next round of Carb Cycling and incorporating Intermittent Fasting into my weekly routine. It will be the three weeks just before my big summer vacation, and I know Katie will help me tone up for it and fit into my shorts and swimsuits!"

~Katie Y.

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